Can Cats Eat Marshmallows? Is it Toxic to Cats?

Cats will always be interested in finding out what you are eating. When you leave any food on the table, they will always want to eat. For this reason, you might be a bit worried about the food that can harm them. If you love marshmallows, you could be wondering if it’s okay for your cat to eat them as well.

Can cats eat marshmallows? The answer is no. You cannot give marshmallows to your cat. While marshmallows are not toxic, they are also not healthy for cats. You shouldn’t let your cat eat them because they might be a choking hazard. On the other hand, marshmallows do not have any health benefits to cats.

Can Cats Eat Marshmallows? Is it Toxic to Cats?

Since marshmallows can create a terrible choking hazard to cats, that’s why it is also not recommended to give them to kids under three years. Cats also don’t like marshmallows because it has a bad texture. Even though they can probably play with them, they may end up putting them in their mouth. Avoid putting marshmallows near them to avoid these instances.

How are marshmallows harmful?

Besides their texture, marshmallows can also be harmful to your cat because of the ingredients in them. No matter how much your cat chews them, they cannot be good enough to be swallowed safely. It will get stuck in their mouth since it is quite big. 

Normally, human beings have trouble with marshmallows due to their dense nature and thickness. How about cats that tend to have small teeth? They definitely can’t swallow them.

 The Ministry of Health In NZ recommends that marshmallows be the worst choking hazard to kids under three years. They can easily be jammed in the throat of a child since they can easily be squashed.  So let’s have a look at other dangers of marshmallows to your cat.

It contains too much sugar.

Marshmallows are too sugary, which is something that might affect the health of your cat. While cats don’t have a test for sugary stuff, in case they eat them, they will still be negatively affected. 

Remember, marshmallows are made from artificial sweeteners having xylitol which can be so dangerous to the health of your cat. It will destroy their teeth and also lead to other health hazards.

Marshmallows have 4.1 grams of sugar content which is equivalent to 23 calories. An adult fur baby can take a maximum of 300 calories per day. This means that if your cat eats marshmallows daily, it will gain some weight and even end up being obsessed. This might also lead to diabetes in yoru cat, which can cause early death.

Too much sugar from marshmallows can also cause other complications from diseases like osteoarthritis, heart diseases, and breathing problems. Sugar and calories cause too much body fat in yoru cats, subtracting 2.5 years from your cat’s life.

The health of your cats’ teeth and mouth might also develop issues after consuming too much sugar from marshmallows. This could result in oral infections and dental diseases. Your cat might end up with bad breath, plaque on teeth, poor appetite, and mouth inflammation.

While some of these problems may not sound that big, they could cause a lot of suffering to your cat, which will lead to the overall deterioration of its health. Remember, these instances can only occur if your cat feeds on marshmallows regularly. The best thing is to avoid feeding yoru cat with this threat completely.

Marshmallow has sodium

Generally, sodium is quite dangerous to your cat’s health, and marshmallows have plenty of it. The USDA stipulates that marshmallows have 80 mg of sodium. The issue is that cats have a low tolerance to sodium.

 Too much sodium in their body can negatively affect the function of their kidneys, blood pressure, and heart function. While some people give their cats small amounts of marshmallows, it is wise to avoid giving them completely. They might get used to them and eat them any time they encounter them on their way.

The regular food that cats eat already has some amounts of sodium. This means that you need to control the amount of sodium they take daily. 

Wondering about how much sodium your cat should take daily? According to studies, It is recommended that growing kittens and gestating cats should take 205 mg/MJ ME of sodium. Adult cats, on the other hand, need to take 40mg/MJ ME of sodium. Cats at the peak of lactation should take 160g/MJ ME of sodium.

Marshmallows contain a lot of preservatives.

Your feline friends shouldn’t take marshmallows because they contain too many preservatives. Remember, preservatives shouldn’t be included in your cats’ meals because they are not beneficial to their health. For example, marshmallows have chemical preservatives like BHA and BHT. 

These preservatives are commonly used in preserving different kinds of food that have agents which might cause cancer. It would therefore be wise to avoid exposing your cat to cancer.

Marshmallows are like junk food to your furballs. While you may want to give it as an occasional treat to your cats, it may still expose them to many health risks  Cats can’t taste marshmallows due to the sugar content. It’s therefore wise not to introduce them to it.

Do marshmallows have any benefits to cats?

The truth is that there is no single benefit that your cat will get from eating marshmallows. While it may not cause any immediate harm to cats when you give them small portions, it’s also good to note that they won’t benefit from them in any way.

Remember, marshmallows are not healthy for human beings because they are sweet treats? So what about cats? They are unhealthy to their small bodies. Your cats also lack a sweet tooth. So they will neither enjoy their taste, smell or benefit from it healthwise. In other words, marshmallows are empty calories.

Humans eat these treats because they crave them. However, cats never crave sweet stuff. They may just want to eat them out of curiosity. As their caregiver, always know what food to give them and what not to allow them to eat. 

The excess sodium in marshmallows also increases the risk of your cats getting obese when they consume them. It’s also important to note that these feline friends are always lazy and love curdling in one place when they are full. So it’s important not to feed them anything that might cause them to add unnecessary weight.

What is the nutritional content of a regular-sized marshmallow?

A typical-sized marshmallow weighs approximately 7 grams. In this marshmallow, you will get 23 calories and 4.1 grams of sugar.

There are various types of marshmallows, each with its nutritional count. Below is a list of them.

  • Chocolate covered marshmallow
  • Marshmallow peep
  • Homemade marshmallow
  • Marshmallow creme

Marshmallows are prepared using two types of sugars. It can either be corn syrup or sucrose syrup. They contain a high amount of glycemic. These are foods with lots of sugar and can probably cause a spike in glucose levels. That’s why you should be extra careful in feeding it to your cat.

Carbs in marshmallows

Most calories in marshmallows are from carbohydrates. Therefore one serving of marshmallow has about 23 grams of carbohydrates, which comes in the added sugar.

Fats in marshmallows

Marshmallows have very little fats, about less than 1 gram per single serving.

How much protein do marshmallows have?

Marshmallows are poor sources of proteins. They have less than a gram of proteins per single serving.


In a single serving of marshmallow, they are 2.2 mg of phosphorous and 1.4 mg of potassium. Sodium is the only one in high amounts, 22.4 mg, and selenium is 0.5 mcg. 

As you can see, marshmallows have very few beneficial nutrients to cats and humans. Therefore failing to eat them means that you don’t lose anything.

Is chocolate marshmallows good for your cat?

No. Chocolate marshmallows are bad and can lead to worse effects. This kind of marshmallow with lots of sugar and even a small-sized piece can lead to terrible side effects. 

The digestive system of your cat is unable to break down sugars. Continued consumption of chocolate marshmallows by your cat can lead to obesity and other health crisis.

Do cats love marshmallows’ texture?

Yes, your cats might enjoy eating marshmallows because of their texture and not taste. As discussed earlier, cats don’t have a sweet tooth, so they have no idea how it even tastes.


If you wanted to feed this treat to your cat, just note that cats cannot eat marshmallows. While they are not harmful to your cats, but they can lead to terrible side effects. They contain high sugar content, and that’s why cats shouldn’t eat them. 

Never be tempted to feed them to your cats, even if it’s just a treat. Should you get your cat eating them, ensure that they aren’t choking first, then keep the marshmallows away and immediately reach out to a vet.