Can Cats Eat Banana Chips? (Health Benefits)

Banana chips have a crispy texture, delicious taste, and aroma. They are a healthy form of bananas due to their low sugar content. As bananas alone are not good for cats, cat owners want to know if they can give banana chips to their furry friends.

Yes, cats can eat banana chips. These chips are also safe for your furry pets. They have some essential nutrients which can provide vital nutrition to your cats. However, restrain yourself from feeding some flavored banana chips to felines. It is because some ingredients used for seasoning these chips are toxic for your kitties.

Can Cats Eat Banana Chips? (Health Benefits)

You can continue reading to know the health benefits and risks of banana chips to your cats. Besides that, we cover other topics such as the nutritional value and different flavored banana chips.

Can My Cats Eat Banana Chips? 

Yes, your furry pets can consume banana chips. Plus, these chips are a practical way to provide the nutrients of bananas to your cat with limited sugar content.

If your cat is craving bananas, you can control it by feeding banana chips. Your feline can digest them with ease as they are small. Banana chips have a crispy texture and rich taste, which your cats could not resist.

It is better to feed homemade banana chips than depending on the store-bought chips. It is because store-bought banana chips are deep-fried in oils, and some have added salt flavor.

Instead of frying banana chips in oils, it is better to use baking or air frying methods. These are much healthier alternatives than the fried ones.

No matter how many banana chips you want to feed your cat, always make sure to slice them into tiny pieces. Giving small chunks of banana chips can prevent the risk of choking.

Nutritional Value Of Banana Chips 

We consider 100 grams of banana chips as one serving on the list. One serving of banana chips contains the following amounts of nutrition.

  •  Calories – 519
  •  Sodium – 6 mg
  •  Potassium – 536 mg
  •  Total Carbohydrate – 58 g
  •  Dietary fiber – 8 g
  •  Sugar – 35 g
  •  Protein – 2.3 g
  •  Vitamin A – 1%
  •  Vitamin C – 10%
  •  Vitamin B6 – 15%
  •  Magnesium – 19%
  •  Calcium – 1%
  •  Iron – 7%
  •  Cholesterol – 0 mg
  •  Total Fat – 34 g
  •  Saturated fat – 29 g
  •  Polyunsaturated fat – 0.6 g
  •  Monounsaturated fat – 2 g

These banana chips have vital fiber. They include many essential vitamins and minerals which help to promote the overall health of your furry friend.

Are There Any Health Risks Of Eating Banana Chips To Cats?  

Though there are some benefits of banana chips to your felines, they are outscored by the possible health risks.

First of all, banana chips are fried in oil to provide a crispy texture. Though some manufacturers use coconut oil or sunflower oil for frying them, a few companies tend to use other unhealthy oils.

These fried banana chips have high amounts of saturated fats, which increases the danger of chronic diseases. Due to the excess fat content in banana chips, your cats might become obese or gain constant weight.  

A Few banana chips are coated with sugar syrup or honey, which increases the overall sugar content. Excess sugar levels are not healthy for your furry friends.

Are Fried Banana Chips Safe For Cats? 

Yes, fried banana chips are safe for your furry pets. These chips are made using under-ripe banana slices and are deep-fried either in coconut oil or sunflower oil. Due to this, feeding in moderation is healthy for your feline.

But, some store-bought banana chips may contain excess oils or might be made from bad oils. These kinds of chips can harm your cat’s health. Due to that, before buying banana chips, make sure to check the ingredient list.

Can My Cats Eat Dried Or Ripe Banana Chips? 

Yes, you can feed ripe or dried banana chips to your furry friends. These types of banana chips do not have the typical dark yellow color but a slight brown color. [1] Besides that, they have a leathery and chewy texture. Some cats might not show interest in them due to their dark color and texture.

In general, these dried or ripe banana chips come with a more sweet taste and a strong banana aroma. Due to the delicious odor, these banana chips tend to catch your cat’s attention.

These dried banana chips offer small amounts of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. All these nutrients help in promoting eye health. Sometimes they can curb high blood pressure in your felines.

Can Cats Eat Banana Chips With Peels? 

Your furry pets can eat banana chips. But what about banana chips that have peels? This question is quite common among cat owners who like to include bananas in cat’s diets in every possible method.  

Banana chips that are made without removing the peel will have a hard outer texture. Because of that, it might be difficult for your cats to eat them. Besides that, almost many cats can not digest the peel. It is because your felines do not have proper enzymes to digest the peels of banana chips. Plus, their stomachs are not designed to digest this food as it is not their staple diet.

Can Cats Eat Flavored Banana Chips? 

The answer depends on the ingredients used to flavor the banana chips.

Are The Banana Chips With Salt And Pepper Seasoning Safe For Cats? 

Banana chips with added pepper and salt seasoning have a strong smell and taste. Your cats can not eat pepper because it is toxic to them. Besides that, excess amounts of salt can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, seizures, and more. [2]

To conclude, do not feed these kinds of banana chips to your cats.

Is It Okay To Feed Cats The Banana Chips With Garlic, Onion, And Salt Seasonings? 

No, do not ever feed the banana chips that have garlic, onion, or shallots. It is because they can harm your feline’s red blood cells, which results in anemia. Besides that, these ingredients are toxic if eaten in excess amounts. Even if your cat has direct contact with concentrated forms of garlic or onion, for example, soup or powder, it can also be poisonous.

Due to all these, do not try to feed the banana chips with garlic and onion seasoning. If your cat has eaten them, it will suffer from various diseases. [3]

Are Chili-lime Flavored Banana Chips Good For Cats? 

Both the chili and chili powder are not a good choice for your furry friends. Due to the toxic compounds present in the chili, it can cause harm to cats.

Citrus fruits like lime are toxic to felines. Every part of lime, such as its skin, juice, and even seeds, is poisonous to your furry pets. Limes (Citrus aurantifolia) contain essential oils, which make the kitty sick. Plus, it leads to gastrointestinal troubles and neurological problems.

In short, you should never feed the banana chips that are seasoned with chili and lime.  

Can I Feed Spicy Flavored Banana Chips To My Felines? 

Some store-bought banana chips will have smoked paprika and black pepper seasonings for the neutral spicy taste. The smoked paprika without any hot pepper flavor is safe for felines. But, paprika with a hot flavor or Caspian could be poisonous to your furry animals.

As for black pepper, cats can not eat them. It contains some properties which can irritate your cat if inhaled in excess amounts. Besides that, spicy flavors tend to absorb the water from the feline’s body, which leads to dehydration.

To be precise, it is better to feed only plain banana chips to your cats rather than flavored chips.  

Our Conclusion 

Overall, banana chips are the safest and healthiest ways to offer banana nutrition to your furry pet. They are made using both ripe and under-ripe bananas. Based on your feline’s response, you can feed banana chips made from either under-ripe or ripe fruits.

Fried banana chips have excessive amounts of fat, calories, and sugar levels. Air-dried, baked, and dried banana chips without any added sugar are some good options. But, make sure to feed them only in small quantities.

Feeding excessive amounts of banana chips is not safe for your furry friend’s health. Due to the carb, fat, and sugar content, you should not give too many banana chips. If possible, give one or two minced flakes to your cat once or twice a week.