Lydia Davis

Brief Incident in Short a, Long a, and Schwa

Cat, gray tabby, calm, watches large, black ant. Man, rapt, stands staring at cat and ant. Ant advances along path. Ant halts, baffled. Ant back-tracks fast—straight at cat. Cat, alarmed, backs away. Man, standing, staring, laughs. Ant changes path again. Cat, calm again, watches again.


Nirvana is that place where kittens and cats are the center of the world and rock stars play with them and shows them photographs and gives them tiny little pet humans and are pen pals with with poets who write about them.

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The Cats of Mirikitani

Mirikitani is one of these artists that seems ro survive out of pure love to cats.

The Cats of Mirikitani is A story that is an intimate exploration of the lingering wounds of war and the healing power of art. A heart-warming affirmation of humanity that will appeal to all lovers of peace, art, and cats.



Julio Cortázar


“I sometimes longed for someone who, like me, had not adjusted perfectly with his age, and such a person was hard to find; but I soon discovered cats, in which I could imagine a condition like mine, and books, where I found it quite often.”
Cultural cat could’t agree more.


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