No naaaws. No lulz. No cheezburgers. More like the grumpy cat. But with an art faiblesse. 


179246_491515787633_2304854_nBook blogger/photographer who works in an airport book shop just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Owned by two cats: Dylan & Kelly.


Info soon…

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  1. Michael Cox
    2014/09/16 at 23:29 (6 years ago)

    Hi, just discovered your blog, will link to it on mine. Or rather, should I say, “mein”? My blog is the end result of what was to be a feature video documentary, but I didn’t raise enough money to make a film, so instead I keep this blog going, and actually I think it’s better in some ways than a film…

  2. Marina Watteck
    2016/01/04 at 08:48 (4 years ago)

    This one of the most beautiful blog on cats, I have ever seen. Congratulations. It is versatile and very, very elegant – just like a cat. Thank you so much. I am owned by three felines: Pipistrello, Bröselito and Mimibelle. All are rescue cats and of course the most beautiful creatures in the world. Please go on and entertain us with further pictures and writings on these sublime animals. All my best wishes, Marina

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