Eccentric style setter. Crazy cat lady. Same, same …

Big Edie and Little Edie were famous for both style and for a lifestyle described best as “crazy cat lady”. Among others, one collectable rescued from Grey Gardens is The list of Grey Gardens kitties.

“We’ve had 300 cats altogether. Now we have twelve. It’s true about old maids, they don’t need men if they have cats.” – Little Edie

Some of the names of the cats at Grey Gardens were: Bigelow, Pinky One, Pinky Two, Tedsy Kennedy, Hipperino, Zeppo, Little Jimmy, and Champion.

“One is a lone woman who hasn’t got much money and she’s fighting to get the same thing she always wanted – recognition as a dancer, singer, and entertaining artist. Here, I’m mother’s little helper, cleaning up after the cats.” – Little Edie

“My mother doesn’t believe in kitty litter. She prefers boxes and paper. And she’s the cat lover. So you can imagine how I suffer.” – Little Edie

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