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So Google are shutting down their RSS-reader. Great! we never liked them anyway and their 74.8% so called “accuracy”. But for you who feel lost right now: stay calm and head over to Their site is in overload mode right now but  their “Error 500”-page fetches creative common cats from flickr.

But what is this techy post doing here? Is code culture? You might ask these question to your fellow feline. Well code can be used to follow art zines, book blogs and of course yours truly via

Tobias & Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth Bishop Cat Tobias 1954



Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979).  Poet and writer. National book award and Pultizer prize winner. Best friend of Tobias.

Lullaby for the cat
Minnow, go to sleep and dream, 
Close your great big eyes; 
Round your bed Events prepare 
The pleasantest surprise. 

Darling Minnow, drop that frown, 
Just cooperate, 
Not a kitten shall be drowned 
In the Marxist State. 

Joy and Love will both be yours, 
Minnow, don’t be glum. 
Happy days are coming soon — 
Sleep, and let them come…



Demonic but with refined taste. Definitely a Cultural Cat.

“The cat, covered in dust and standing on its hind legs, bowed to Margarita. Round its neck it was now wearing a made-up white bow tie on an elastic band, with a pair of ladies’ mother-of-pearl binoculars hanging on a cord. It had also gilded its whiskers.”

“You’re not Dostoevsky,’ said the citizeness, who was getting muddled by Koroviev. Well, who knows, who knows,’ he replied.
‘Dostoevsky’s dead,’ said the citizeness, but somehow not very confidently.
‘I protest!’ Behemoth exclaimed hotly. ‘Dostoevsky is immortal!”

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