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Percy and Blanche.

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy painted 1970-1971 by David Hockney.

Despite the title, this i NOT Percy in the painting. but one of the other owners of the Clark couple named Blanche. Hockney thought Percy a better suited name for the title.

The Clark couple and the real Percy.

Louis Wain’s cats

Louis & Peter at the drawing table 1890

Louis & Peter at the drawing table 1890

Louis Wain (1860-1939) made a name for himself as an artist, an illustrator of childrens book and postcards.

In the early 1920’s he started showing signs of schizofrenia and was admitted to a mental hospital where he continued to paint cats, although in a slightly different manner, until his death.

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021  louis-Wain-cat-art

Louis_Wain_-_Katzen2 louis_wain_-_katzen3 louis_wain_-_katzen4

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