Catlovers! Spend your vacation i Varberg, Sweden and see the most thruthful exhibition ever; Cat -Man’s best friend.   


 Meet the cat in both an art and cultural historical perspective in an exhibition that spans two of the museum’s great hall. Cat – the children’s best friend – get a completely custom part, including fairytale world famous cats. There is space to play and discover. It’s a real cat summer at Varberg Fortress! 


Cecil Beaton

Cecil Beaton spent many years of his career as a photographer seeking out the rich, talented and famous and taking their pictures in a beautiful way together with their humans

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Poem writer Gustav

This redhead cutie called Gustav typed the origin set of poems which his human, Göran Greider, later edited and published as a collection. The collection of poems where sold for donations to Animal protection  (rescue?) Sweden. Gustav is no longer with us but Göran still loves cats besides politcs. 

Cats = Zen


Zen in its essence is the art of seeing into the nature of one’s own being, and it points the way from bondage to freedom. By making us drink right from the fountain of life, it liberates us from all the yokes under which we finite beings are usually suffering in this world.

This is how D.T. Suzuki describes Zen. The picture confirms the thesis.

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